Grandma’s Kitchen is a scent that is a country-inspired blend of brown sugar, spice, and buttery crushed oatmeal. Cookies and pies just from the oven, still hot and soft, line the counters to cool while grandma mixes up recipes that aren’t written in any cook book. Floured hands knead the bread dough while a special seat for you is close to grandma as you watch the magic happen. Family gathers around the old wooden kitchen table to share stories while “sampling” the freshest batch of cupcakes.

Perfect Morning is the aroma of freshly brewed coffee with cream and infused with caramel and pumpkin when walking into your favorite coffee shop. A welcome aroma early in the day, Perfect Morning adds a touch of comfort and vigor. When lit at night, try pairing this candle with a dessert tasting or as an after dinner essence. Perfect Morning is a “Top Ten” scent and will be sure to please any palate. A good candle for both men and women; also suitable for gift-giving for any occasion.

Homestead Holiday winter days, glistening snow, bright sun…these are the attributes of our Homestead Holiday soy candle. The aromatic mixture from our Apothecary of Fragrant Goods™ draws to mind woodsy green branches mingling with just a touch of spice. Warming by the fire after a long journey, Homestead Holiday adds the essential touch to a brisk winter day.

Candy Cane has elements of this childhood candy and filled it with gooey vanilla cream, marshmallow, and touches of almond to give it a grown-up twist. You will enjoy this fragrance that is unique and reminiscnet of childhood fun trick or treating. The label on this soy candle will make you smile. The scent will make you drool and the long, clean burn will make 1803 Candles® your favorite candle company.

Harvest at the Farm Soy Candle will bring the sweet and savory scent of the fall season into your home.

14 oz scented soy candle made from soybeans grown in the USA by American farmers - clean-burning - non-toxic - non-carcinogenic - biodegradable - environmentally friendly - cotton wick - reusable jar - hand poured - approx. 80 hour burn time.

1803 14oz Soy Candle Jar - Choose a Scent

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